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Tips: Helping a Senior Overcome Seasonal Allergies

Tips: Helping a Senior Overcome Seasonal Allergies

Allergic reactions occur anytime of the year and to any person. Yet, some seasons of the year trigger more allergic responses in people than at any other time. The spring season, for instance, is the time when pollens are abundant in the air. Because of this, allergic reactions to pollens are high. Nevertheless, allergies still happen anytime.

The concerning aspect about allergies is that it doesn’t discriminate people. Even our senior loved ones can acquire allergic reactions. If seniors get allergies, they can be at risk for further health complications. Their immune system is no longer as strong as when they were younger. When allergic symptoms show, take your senior loved one to a Medical Clinic in Illinois for a checkup.

Furthermore, here are additional ways that you can protect your loved ones from allergies caused by the changing of seasons.

  • Always be alert for allergy symptoms

    Allergic symptoms include stuffy nose, watery eyes, and frequent sneezing. It is important to spot the symptoms sooner. If you can address the symptoms earlier, your loved one can also feel relieved faster.

  • Report to their Primary Care Doctor in Elgin, Illinois

    Allergic reactions in our elderly loved ones should be treated as soon as possible. Take your loved one to their physician so that they can be given with prescriptions to take. Proper coordination with their doctor can give you the upper hand of your loved one’s overall health maintenance.

  • Ensure that your senior loved one takes anti-allergy treatments as prescribed

    Allergic reactions in seniors should not be taken lightly. Allergies can trigger nasal congestion, which is not ideal for seniors who have heart or lung diseases. When breathing difficulties occur due to allergies, their health may decline.

  • Avoid taking over-the-counter treatments for allergy

    That is unless their primary care doctor in Arlington Heights, Illinois permits it. Our elderly loved ones can have extra sensitivity to some ingredients of these generic drugs. To be sure about what medicines to take, consult with their doctor.

  • Reduce the risks of allergy triggers at home

    It is still important to overcome allergies through non-medical means. This can only be possible when we implement proper housekeeping and maintenance at home. Along with this, ensure that your family members are practicing hygienic methods such as washing of hands often. Being hygienic reduces the chances of spreading infectious germs around.

Be on the lookout of your senior loved one’s overall health. Equip yourself with further knowledge in preserving their wellbeing. Consult with us. We provide Consulting Services in Arlington Heights, Illinois so that you can ask doctors yourself.

At Doctor Sanchez Medical Care, we have experts in geriatric medicine who can assist you in providing better care to your senior loved one. Feel free to bring your loved one to our clinic so that they can be checked regularly. Do you have inquiries about our checkup schedules and other services? Contact us today.

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