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Signs That Your Loved One Has a Urinary Tract Infection

Signs That Your Loved One Has a Urinary Tract Infection

As a primary care doctor in Elgin, Illinois, Dr. Alex Sanchez, and his team work hard to uplift and maintain the health and wellness of the elderly members of the community. Today, we offer some facts about one of the common illnesses that plague senior citizens, which is urinary tract infection (UTI).

UTI occurs when bacteria in the bladder, kidneys, or urethra multiply and affect the normal function of the urinary system. Our expert geriatrician says that these are common signs that your loved one has UTI:

  • Low-grade fever
    This fairly common symptom can easily be mistaken as a sign of another disease. To make sure that it is not an indication of UTI, rely on our consulting services in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
  • Evening sweats, chills, and shaking
    These symptoms usually accompany low-grade fever as the body attempts to regulate the changes in temperature. Your loved one may feel chilly or sweat a lot even when the room is well-ventilated.
  • Pressure and pain in the pelvis and lower abdomen
    Pain is the body’s natural response to damage. While you may think that your loved one’s back or hip pain is caused by creaking joints and brittle bones, it can also indicate an infection of the urinary tract.
  • Frequent urination
    Regular hydration will naturally lead to regular urination. But if your loved one is using the bathroom too frequently, even at night (a condition called nocturia), it’s time to see a physician.
  • Foul and discolored liquid
    The color of urine changes according to the diet, activity level, and level of hydration. But when an elderly person gets UTI, their urine may turn cloudy or dark and smell fouler than before. In more serious cases, blood may also appear. When this happens, seek medical help at our clinic immediately.

Doctor Sanchez Medical Care has clinics in Elgin and Arlington Heights, Illinois. Both offer a consistent level of medical care for your senior loved ones. We use the latest diagnostic tools, procedures, and treatments to diagnose and manage various diseases that affect their quality of life. Visit us or call to learn more!

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