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Important Facts to Know: Why Is a Urinalysis Done?

Important Facts to Know: Why Is a Urinalysis Done?

Thanks to our consulting services in Arlington Heights, Illinois, you may have been asked to undergo a urinalysis. This is a process that utilizes your urine sample to detect signs of diseases in the body, typically in your urinary system.

If you’re wondering why you should get one done, our primary care doctor in Elgin, Illinois offers you some answers. Take this moment to learn why urinalysis is performed.

  • To check your overall health.
    Your urine is composed of various components, like salts, sugars, proteins, bacteria, and various waste products. A change in the concentration of any of these components may indicate a problem with your health. For example, a high concentration of ketones and glucose is a sign of diabetes.
  • To measure your preparedness for certain procedures.
    Your doctor may recommend a urinalysis in preparation for surgery. It helps determine if your body can handle the rigors of certain procedures. If the urinalysis gives negative results, the surgery may have to be postponed until your body is healthy enough.
  • To diagnose medical disorders.
    If you experience discoloration or blood in your urine, abdominal pain, painful urination, frequent urination, or persistent nocturia (peeing at night), you may be asked to undergo a urinalysis. This will help determine the cause of these symptoms-particularly if they are signs of a urinary disorder.
  • To monitor the progress of a medical condition.
    If you have a urinary disorder, a regular urinalysis helps to monitor the progress of your condition and the efficacy of your treatment. This is especially important if you have a urinary tract infection or kidney disease.

Urinalysis is just one of the many tests recommended by a geriatrician to monitor your current health condition. If you need to get such procedures done, you have to visit a facility that provides what you need.

Fortunately, Doctor Sanchez Medical Care offers state-of-the-art diagnostic technology in both of our clinics at Arlington Heights and Elgin, Illinois. We cater to people of all backgrounds, including Spanish-speaking clients. Call now to learn more!

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