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How to Prevent Infections at Home

How to Prevent Infections at Home

Infection is a very common occurrence in our home, especially if we have vulnerable family members such as our elderly loved ones. Because their immune system is already declining at their age, any minor infection can easily creep in when wrong sanitary practices are carried out. Hence, it will be essential to repeatedly inform all family members and let them practice infection prevention steps.

As a Medical Clinic in Illinois, we have the following recommendations so that you can control the spread of infectious substances at home:

  • Always Wash the Hands

    Make it a habit to wash your hands as often as possible. Wash your hands especially before and after you eat, and right after you use the toilet. When washing your hands, our primary care doctor in Arlington Heights, Illinois advises using soap and warm water. In the absence of such, use an alcohol-based sanitizer. Ensure that you rub your hands together, both the palms, in between the fingers, under the nails, and at the back of the hands. Wash the hands for approximately 20 seconds, or this is basically a whole “Happy Birthday” song sung twice.

  • Wear Gloves When Necessary

    If you’re assisting an ailing loved one at home, especially when assisting their medication administration, ensure that you put on gloves to prevent contact with bacteria and viruses. This is a practice we always conduct as we provide quality Consulting Services in Arlington Heights, Illinois. When you’re visiting your health care team, and they’re assisting you without using gloved hands, don’t hesitate to ask if they’ve washed their hands.

  • Put a Cover on Your Mouth and Nose

    Especially when a family member is sneezing and coughing, make it a practice to cover your mouth and nose. Viruses and bacteria can also spread in these cases, and you would not want to risk flu infection on your elderly loved one. To make this possible, ensure that tissues at home are easily accessible so that you have something to cover the nose and mouth.

  • Stay Indoors When You’re Sick

    If you’re feeling under the weather, it is wise to stay in your own room or just in your home so you can’t pass on the virus to others outside. Avoid touching other people’s hands, especially of the elderly and children.

  • Get Immunized

    Some illnesses can be prevented by vaccines. Ensure that all your family members are properly vaccinated so they will not only be protected by these bacteria, but they can’t also pass it on to others. Our Primary Care Doctor in Elgin, Illinois can administer to you these vaccines so that you can protect yourself from these infections.

There is nothing to fear with infections when we are careful and mindful of our sanitary practices. Educate and remind your family members of the above-mentioned recommendations every time. If you have medication concerns that need some assistance, feel free to drop us a visit at Doctor Sanchez Medical Care.

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