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Combating Diseases with Preventive Care

Combating Diseases with Preventive Care

At any age, it is important to constantly monitor your health. However, this need increases as you reach your senior years. As a senior, the risk of several age-related diseases begins as sensory and cognitive changes start to take place in the body. In our years as a medical clinic in Illinois, we are accustomed to the general tendency of patients to just consult with doctors whenever the discomfort, pain, or symptoms they feel are unbearable. We advise against these. It is better to have constant preventive checkups so that conditions may be spotted before they even develop. For elderly individuals, waiting for illnesses to get worse before doing anything about it can have serious consequences.
Spotting diseases or even slight irregularities early can drastically increase the chance of improving a condition. As a primary care doctor in Elgin, Illinois, we have found more success with treating elderly patients who regularly come in for preventive screenings and checkups. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a lot of the degenerative diseases encountered by the elderly could be completely avoided with preventive measures. By living a healthy lifestyle, getting regular exercise, eating healthy food, and staying away from toxic substances, one can greatly decrease the risks of diseases. Apart from that, regular consultations with your geriatrician can help monitor any condition that may pose a future threat to your health.
As a provider of primary care, we at Doctor Sanchez Medical Care wish to ensure the good health and condition of our patients. We can only do so if you allow us to help you monitor your health. Because of this, we advise our patients to regularly avail of our consulting services in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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