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Understanding the Elderly Highs

Understanding the Elderly Highs

A lot of individuals are accustomed to that youthful vigor most people get in their teen years. During that period, time is running out and the world is yours to conquer. Life has become a party all night, hangover all-day routine. It was extremely fun then, but little did we know the youthful highs will soon turn to elderly high cholesterol and high blood. As a medical clinic in Illinois, we’ve encountered various cases wherein their teenage lifestyle came back for them when they got older. Now, for the elderly and teens alike, you might be wondering why this happens.
It is first important to understand that high cholesterol and high blood are inextricably linked. Having high cholesterol can lead to the build-up of plaque and calcium in your arteries. This makes it more difficult for your heart to pump blood through your hardened arteries. As a result, the heart exerts more effort, increasing the pressure of your blood flow. This leads your blood to be consistently pressing hard on your blood vessels which can lead to damage. The list of complications goes on and on. When this happens, our primary care doctor in Elgin, Illinois will need to set dietary restrictions, exercise routines, and prescription medication to better regulate your condition. 
An unhealthy lifestyle filled with drinking, smoking, and eating unhealthy food can invite these consequences. That’s why even while we’re still young, we are mindful of our health practices. The effects might not immediately appear while we’re young, but it’s sure to haunt us when we get older. On the other hand, for elderly individuals experiencing these conditions, high BP and cholesterol is not a life sentence; there are many ways to lower these high levels. It is best to monitor your health by availing of our consulting services in Arlington Heights, Illinois. By sticking to the doctor’s instructions, the worsening of these conditions can be controllable.

If you’re worried about your health, we at Doctor Sanchez Medical Care would love to help. Don’t hesitate to leave us a message.

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