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Top 6 Ways for Seniors to Control Blood Pressure

Top 6 Ways for Seniors to Control Blood Pressure

Older adults increase their risks of acquiring high blood pressure the older they get. According to the National Institute on Aging, age is only one of the four risk factors for blood pressure to increase, the others being gender, family history, and race. Because this condition is very common among seniors, there is a need for us to help them keep their blood pressure at the ideal range.

Along with regularly keeping an appointment with their Primary Care Doctor in Elgin, Illinois, your senior loved one can also control their blood pressure in the following ways:

  1. Maintain Healthy Weight

    Gaining extra weight is a known trigger to increase a senior person’s blood pressure level. When they are overweight, there is a great tendency for their blood vessels to get easily clogged, and consequently, increasing their chances of acquiring hypertension. If there is a particular range of weight that they need to maintain, it’s best to consult with their doctor. Schedule an appointment in a Medical Clinic in Illinois to secure this matter.

  2. Exercising Every Day

    The active lifestyle also helps seniors to control their blood pressure and even reduce the risks of its increase. Ideally, a minimum amount of 30-minute exercise per day will already suffice in losing excess cholesterol that triggers the increase of blood pressure.

  3. Eat a Balanced Diet

    It’s also essential for our senior loved ones to follow a strict diet of balanced meals, especially those that help reduce their blood pressure. Preferably, a senior person’s diet should include vegetables, fruits, sufficient amount of protein, and low-fat dairy. For further medical advice on what diet your aging loved one should follow, access our geriatric Consulting Services in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

  4. Reduce Your Salt

    The sodium element in salt can increase high blood pressure, and the senior person’s body is more sensitive to salt. For this reason, they need to avoid processed foods and their meals should have intentional monitoring of low salt addition. As a good alternative to salt, add in spicy herbs instead to add flavor to their meal.

  5. Avoid Cigarettes and Alcoholic Drinks

    Smoking triggers the increase of high blood pressure while alcoholic beverages, when not regulated, can also increase high blood pressure. The smoking habit should be stopped or not engaged in while alcoholic beverages should be limited to at most two glasses in a day.

  6. Stay Away from Stress

    Another key trigger for the spiking of high blood pressure are stressful situations. Encourage your aging loved one to take time to relax. Aside from doing their favorite hobbies, they can also get a massage, hike around the park, or spend time with their friends and loved ones.

At Doctor Sanchez Medical Care, we’re here to help your aging loved one maintain their overall health so they can enjoy quality life in their aging season. Just make sure that they come to their regular appointments with our primary care doctor in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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