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Nutrition Tips for the Elderly

Nutrition Tips for the Elderly

Your primary care doctor in Elgin, Illinois may already have told you about the importance of nutrition. Indeed, different people have different nutritional needs. Yet, getting all the necessary nutrients can be difficult in old age.

The following are nutrition tips that you can follow:

  • Consume a wide variety of foods

    Different types of foods contain different nutrients. Eating food will help your body get the nutrients it needs.

    But, you have to keep them varied. Eating the same kinds of food every mealtime will only give you the same nutrients. They may even give you the same toxins. For instance, fish have certain levels of lead, a heavy metal substance. Too much lead can result in poisoning.

    Consuming a wide variety of foods can help expose your body to different nutrients. It will also lessen your exposure to various toxins that may be present in the food.

  • Use more natural herbs and spices as a food seasoning

    As much as possible, go for natural herbs and spices when seasoning your dishes. Natural herbs and spices are not processed. Thereby, they have lesser negative implications on your health.

  • Lessen your intake of salt

    Consuming a lot of salt can lead to high blood pressure level. High blood pressure level or hypertension can contribute to the development of heart diseases and other medical conditions. If you wish to avoid these conditions, strive to limit the amount of salt you are taking.

  • Lower your consumption of sugar

    Too much of everything is bad. This goes the same for sugar. Sugar can be a good source of energy or fuel for the body. However, too much sugar can cause diabetes. So, be mindful about the amount of sugar you are taking.

  • Make a meal plan

    Having a meal plan allows you to keep watch of the foods you are eating. You have the chance to stick to healthier meals when you have this plan. Check with your medical provider of consulting services in Arlington Heights, Illinois about this plan.

  • Read the nutrition labels on various food items

    Food items typically have nutrition labels at the back. Read through these labels to know what you are getting from them.

  • Talk to your primary care doctor in Arlington Heights, Illinois

    Schedule a visit to a medical clinic in Illinois. Through a doctor’s visit, you can check how the foods you are eating are affecting your nutrition and health.

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