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How to Spot Early Signs of Kidney Disease in Seniors

How to Spot Early Signs of Kidney Disease in Seniors

Let us always be on the lookout for the healthy progress of our loved ones. Any time, an age-related chronic condition can hit them. The sooner we can spot the symptoms, the better we can prevent further health complications.

One of the chronic illnesses common in the elderly years is kidney disease. What makes this condition risky is that the symptoms don’t show that much at the early stages. If not addressed, these symptoms can lead to kidney failure and life-threatening consequences. Yet, there is still a way to diagnose kidney problems early. It is through a regular schedule of Consulting Services in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

There are signs that should prompt you to take your elderly loved one to their doctor as these could show kidney problems. These include the following:

  • Urination Issues

    Your elderly loved one will have changes in their urination pattern. They can urinate more often than usual. They can wake up in the middle of the night just to relieve themselves. They experience difficulty in urinating. A primary care doctor in Arlington Heights, Illinois can help your loved one diagnose this condition.

  • Episodes of Fatigue

    The hormone erythropoietin comes from the kidneys. It is responsible for producing red blood cells, which distribute oxygen in the body. When kidney disease happens, these hormones produce red blood cells slowly. As a result, anemia happens, which manifests through weakness and fatigue.

  • Cold Temperature

    When a senior loved one develops anemia due to kidney problems, they can also feel cold. This coldness is mostly felt at the hands and feet. If you feel this coldness, let a Primary Care Doctor in Elgin, Illinois check your loved one. They need to undergo blood tests immediately to provide an accurate diagnosis.

  • Breathing Difficulty

    Seniors with possible kidney problems also experience frequent episodes of breathing difficulty. With lesser red blood cells produced, there is also less oxygen transported to different parts of the body. Because of this, their breathing becomes difficult.

  • One-sided Painful Back

    Another early sign that can indicate kidney disease is the pain at the back, which is one-sided. Some forms of kidney disease create cysts on the kidneys, which triggers painful reactions.

  • Rashes

    You may find it unusual for your elderly loved one to develop skin rashes. Yet, when they have kidney disease, these rashes can occur. Wastes accumulate at the bloodstreams and these result to rashes.

These signs serve as guidelines to monitor your senior loved one’s health. It is still ideal, however, that they undergo regular checkups. These checkups are comprehensive enough to help detect early occurrences of kidney disease.

Provide your elderly loved one with quality care. Our physicians at Doctor Sanchez Medical Care are experienced in geriatric medicine. They can aid you in being diligent towards monitoring your loved one’s health. Ask us about our consultation schedule.

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