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Does Your Loved One Refuse to Visit a Doctor?

Does Your Loved One Refuse to Visit a Doctor?

As a provider of quality geriatrics, we are no strangers to the fact that many senior adults hesitate to meet with a doctor. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience with doctors in their youth, they’re worried about costs, or they feel like they’re wasting people’s time.

But here is the truth: misguided healthcare choices can have drastic consequences. Your loved one may benefit greatly from the attention of a primary care doctor in Elgin, Illinois.

Doctor Sanchez Medical Care offers these tips to help them overcome their hesitancy and get the care they need:

  • Don’t put them on the spot.
    First off, saying “why won’t you go?” may make them feel like they’re being accused of something heinous. Look for a calm time and place to discuss the matter. This makes them more open to talking about visiting a professional.
  • Talk through the reasons why.
    Have an honest but kind conversation about the reasons why they refuse to see a doctor. Avoid judging what they say and feel. Just give them time and space to explain their refusal.
  • Assure them of the quality of care a doctor can offer.
    They may have the notion that an examination can go wrong and put them in a worse place than before, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Let them know that healthcare practitioners in this day and age stick to higher standards than before and that they have nothing to worry about.
  • Let them know that they still have choices.
    A common fear among senior adults is that the physician will rob them of their chance to decide for themselves. But truly compassionate doctors give their patients options. Let them know that they are free to ask questions and learn specific details.
  • Be their advocate.
    The best way to encourage your loved one to see a doctor is to act as their advocate. Join them during the first few sessions, help them appeal for specific decisions, and support their choices.

At our medical clinic in Illinois, we guarantee that your loved one’s personal choices are respected above all. Call us today to learn more about how we can help them stay healthy and thriving.

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